Add a little Art Deco wallpaper in your d?�cor and have a step back with time to a time period of prosperity, social change, and artistic freedom.

Does the sound of jazz music excite your imagination and envision pictures of big bands, lavish nightclubs, Charleston dancing flapper girls, glamorous fashion, or Greta Garbo and Rudolf Valentino? Does today intrigue you because of the freedom, fun, and futuristic optimism it did actually depict? The rigid rule and tight social constraints of the Victorian age gave way to a more relaxed individuality that created controversy yet captivated a younger, hopeful generation as well as set the stage for many things ‚modern‘.

You can capture a number of this excitement and exuberance with Art Deco wallpapers (even when limited to merely a single feature wall)… that may bring the era of change strait into your own home.

Although wallpaper has existed for thousands of years, it was not before the 1920s it really became popular, becoming this type of common decorating choice this decade was eventually termed as ‚the golden day of wallpaper‘. The development of pasting machines and mechanical silkscreen machines allowed for mass production, making it a cheap replacement for the more expensive silk and tapestry coverings well-liked by the wealthy upper class.

‚Artiste decorateurs‘, or interior decorators, create shops in leading department stores or opened design studios that employed artists who created books of patterns for customers to choose from. Purchasing wall coverings became affordable and easy, and provided more affordable options.

Art Deco wallpaper, also referred to as ‚style moderne‘, had very distinct designs that reflected the social, economic, and technological changes suggestive of this time period. The clean simple lines of Art Deco architecture noticed in the Chrysler building, the Empire State Building, or London’s Hoover Building, was also evident in fashion, artwork, and home decorations. The style permeated all creative areas, creating this age one with the most artistically recognizable eras ever sold.

Wallpapers of the Art Deco period were vibrant and stylish with bold, contrasting colors and strong lines. Zigzags, geometric patterns, sweeping curves, and sunbursts blended with animal prints, foliage, pyramids, sphinx, and in many cases airplanes. Textured coverings were popular and are intended using stenciling, splattering, sponging, or flocking, and the desire to have the extravagant and luxurious was shown in the silver and gold coins metallic patterns.

Although it is hard to discover any original Art Deco wallpaper that is still in excellent, as a result of intrigue and fascination nowadays incites, many manufacturers have created designs similar to now. The uniqueness and sweetness of such styles cause them to become popular even now, as well as the distinct artistic quality gives your house individuality while keeping this excellent and revolutionary time alive in the hearts and minds of future generations.

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